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Cab <--...--> Canopy

Cap <--...--> Cedars

Celery <--...--> Chess

Chestnuts <--...--> Claret cup and punch

Clarionet <--...--> Cold

Collar <--...--> Contempt

Convent <--...--> Cotton cap

Cotton cloth <--...--> Criminal

Crippled <--...--> Cymbal

We have indexed Dream Dictionary alphabetically to facilitate easier searches. Most verbs have been indexed in the present tense, therefore search for "eat" rather than "ate", or "fly" rather than "flew". Just find the first letter of the symbol in Dream Dictionary and click on it - you will be whisked straight there. Many thousands of meanings, that you will find in online Dream Dictionary, are in no way the final say, but will hopefully inspire you to explore your internal world and offer a starting point for your dream interpretation.

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