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 Label Lament Lard
 Labor Lamp Lark
 Labyrinth Lamp-post Latch
 Lace Lance Latin
 Ladder Land Laudanum
 Ladle Landau Laughing
 Lagoon Lantern Laundry
 Lake Lap Laurel
 Lamb Lap-dog Law and lawsuits
 Lame Lap-robe Lawns

Remember that any dream dictionary is only a guide. It can`t feel your emotions, some symbols are simply too personal to be covered by dream dictionary, therefore try not to take the meaning of your dream too literally, every dream is open to your own interpretation. Your personal association with a symbol can significantly change symbol`s meaning. The purpose of our free dream dictionary is to help you think laterally about the interpretational possibilities within a given symbol. The most important rule of using Dream Dictionary is to always remember that symbols may have different personal meanings for different individuals. Listen to your heart, it`s very important guide to understanding everything.

If you have not found the word in the Dream Dictionary,
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